Friday, August 5, 2011

Thoughts On The Necessity Of Recruiters

Bill Radin, a successful recruiter, just wrote a blog post called Are Recruiters Really Necessary? The short version is that a Bill wants to introduce a candidate to a VP and get paid for the introduction. Bill also wants to add value by helping the VP manage the recruiting process and get an applicant to accept an offer.

It's important to understand the two ways recruiters are compensated:
  1. Time. If a recruiter makes money from a job without filling the position, then the recruiter is paid for their time.

  2. Filling the position. This means that at some point after a job seeker accepts a position, the employer pays the recruiter.

The VP doesn't want help finding job seekers, meaning he doesn't want to pay to fill the position. Bill is trying to make money by filling the position, so it's not a surprise the VP isn't buying that. The VP doesn't know that he needs help managing the recruiting process, which means he needs to pay for someone's time.

Are recruiter really necessary? Yes. Will you struggle selling a service to someone that doesn't want it? Yes.

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