Friday, May 13, 2011

Recruit Smokers

I went to a GitHub drinkup last night at Thirsty Bear in San Francisco. It was packed. It was hard to navigate the room let alone have a conversation above the noise. I had been hoping to strike up conversations with potential recruits, but the crowd density made that difficult. It was a drinking party, not a networking event.

After deciding to call it a night, I stepped out of the bar. At that moment I noticed a guy standing alone looking at his phone and puffing on a cigarette. I said hello. It turns out he is a software engineer in town for a conference and he's considering moving to San Francisco. We exchanged contact information and I followed up with him. Less than 24 hours later he's interviewing with one of our clients. He's talking to his second interviewer right now.

The next time you need to recruit someone, strike up a conversation with a smoker.

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