Monday, December 6, 2010

Networking Tip - Search Eventbrite To Find Relevant Events

I want to attend more events where I meet people who may buy Captain Recruiter's services. The challenge is identifying which events are a good use of my time. Here are some steps I take to identify events that are good for me.

Who Do I Wish To Meet?

Captain Recruiter sells recruiting services to businesses, and typically the sales process starts as a conversation with a business owner. We also maintain relationships with intermediaries, sources of referral business for Captain Recruiter. Intermediaries are the people who spend time around business owners: accountants, lawyers, investors, etc.

Where Are Events Listed?

There are a ton of events in San Francisco that are attended by business owners and intermediaries, but no event is called Some Event For Business Owners And/Or Intermediaries. Sites like Gary's Guide and the San Francisco Chamber Of Commerce show events, but it's hard to tell who will be in attendance. I like events listed on Eventbrite because many of their events list who the actual attendees will be.

Use Google To Search Eventbrite

Not every event on Eventbrite can be found through by searching their website, so I like to use Google. Let's say I want to find events that list the attendees in San Francisco in December 2010. All I have to do is run this search on Google:

Now I've got a list of ~95 events, including the list of attendees. A quick glace through an event's list will show me whether or not the crowd will contain an interesting number of business owners and intermediaries.

Tip For Networkers On A Budget

If you want to attend an event that costs money and can't afford it, contact the organizer and give them a 3 sentence explanation of why you'd like to attend and ask to work out a deal. Example:
    "Hi Mr./Ms. Organizer. I'd like to attend the panel discussion How To Survive A Zombie Apocolypse on December 18th. This would be an opportunity for me to network with people in my industry. Since I'm out of work and on a budget, may I volunteer in some capacity to earn admission to the event?"
You might get in for free, but be prepared to work a bit to earn your keep.

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