Monday, November 29, 2010

Unemployed Wins In 3 Rounds

It's time for a winner-take-all smackdown between Employed (E) and Unemployed (U). In one corner we have the work-a-holics, the friends who are too busy to come out and play, unable to enjoy all of the money they are making. In the other corner are the unemployed, entrepreneurs, and "consultants", broke as hell and loving every minute of it. Ready? Fight!

Round 1 - Scheduling The Interview

The employer calls E and U to schedule an interview for the middle of next week. What happens?
  • E: "My schedule is really tight. Most days I never know when my boss is going to need me. Can I confirm a time early next week?"

  • U: "My schedule is generally flexible with advance notice. What time(s) do you have in mind?"

Winner - U. As a recruiter I can tell you that trying to schedule interviews for people who are employed can be a pain. The interviews require a lot of planning and the schedules are less flexible when adjustments are necessary.

Round 2 - Switching Careers

You need to switch careers to stay sane and have more fun. What happens?
  • E: "I hate my current job. I think I want to go from Corporate America into Nursing, but I'm addicted to all of this money that I'm making and can't afford to quit."

  • U: "I'm going to volunteer at the hospital for a month to see if I like it."

Winner - U. Unemployed people have free time. If you don't have the experience or skills that you need, you can go get it.

Round 3 - Streamlining Your LIfestyle

You're spending too much and not saving enough. What happens?
  • E: "Why do I work so hard? Most of the money I make gets spent on junk I don't need to help me feel less depressed. I tried saving half my income for a little while, but do you know how hard it is to see that money piling up when I could be driving a new BMW?"

  • U: "If I spend money like I did, I'll be out of cash in 4 months. If I ditch the nice apartment, eat out a little less, and ditch cable TV for Netflix, I can easily support myself for almost a year."

Winner - U. It's easy to see how important money is when you're not making any. Learn to tighten your belt and get by on less. When the big bucks do start coming in again, you'll be better trained to spend less and save more.

Results - U Wins 3-0.

The next time you are jealous of your friends who are working, remember that most of them wished they had a better job. Not having any money certainly sucks, but you have the free time they wish they had. Learn to push past the depression and create results. Start by working on answers to this one question - "If applying to jobs online isn't getting me interviews, what is another way to get noticed (without becoming a stalker)?"

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