Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Step Up To Move Up

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I recently met a guy, let's call him Rob, who saw an opportunity to step up for his current employer. Rob's boss, the CEO of the company, needed to do recruiting but was already slammed with too much work. Rob offered to help source good applicants and the CEO immediately accepted the help.

Rob began taking small steps. He advertised jobs & searched within his network of contacts for available job seekers. Before long Rob was having preliminary conversations with people interested in working for the company. Rob would occasionally check in with the boss to get feedback on potential candidates. In short, Rob turned the CEO's huge job of filtering through piles of resumes into an easy to swallow task of deciding between a few interesting applications. Rob is the CEO's new best friend.

Rob might get a promotion. Even if he's not appreciated by the CEO, he'll have a great story to tell a hiring manager at another company. The CEO wins today, and Rob wins forever.

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