Monday, September 6, 2010

Spontaneous Blogging

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I like being spontaneous. I'd even say I need to be spontaneous. If my schedule is too structured, I start to feel boxed in, trapped, or just plain bored. This is probably one of the reasons it's been hard for me to stick with a job that requires fixed office hours.

Over the last month, all of my blog posts have had illustrations. I started off writing blog posts about whatever I wanted but found that some articles were difficult to illustrate with an awesome picture. Then I tried writing an article with a specific picture in mind so I could make use of an awesome illustration. Finally I started having the pictures drawn first and then wrote an article based on the illustration. The spontaneity was getting sucked out of my blog, and I feel that a few of the blog posts were too forced and constrained.

It's time to refactor my blog writing process.

Here's Captain Recruiter's new rules for blogging:
  • I'm going to write what I want when I want. There will be no formal blogging schedule, although I'd like to maintain a pace of 15 posts/month if possible.

  • The pictures follow the blog post. If the article doesn't work with a picture, then there will be no picture.

  • No foul language. I'm allowed to used made up curse words like frikkin', frakkin', shiznit, and crapola. As much as I like run my mouth, I'm also a frikkin' businessman who needs a frakkin' professional image for clients so I can earn shiznit to pay for my crapola.

  • On topic for my blog is anything that has to do with business, recruiting, growing up, job hunting, job seeking, spandex, or anything that can be loosely tied to anything I'm working on.

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  1. 15 posts / month does sound great! Can relate to what you mention here, sometimes bloggers get into this 'writer's block' and the next moment he is in a writing spree :) - Depends a lot on the mood.