Monday, August 9, 2010

YCommonApp - One Application, Many Startups

HireHive's YCommonApp is a new tool for software developers applying for jobs. The idea is simple - fill out one basic application and apply to multiple companies at once. While YCommonApp is only for techies applying to YCombinator startups (unlike the picture above), I'm certain HireHire plans to offer YCommonApp type programs to a broader audience very soon.

Completing a YCommonApp is simple:
  • Step 1 - Click here (webcam - recommended) or here (no webcam).
  • Step 2 - answer a few straight forward questions.
  • Step 3 - submit application.

Improvements I'd love to see in YCommonApp:
  • The ability to select which companies get to see my application. I like to at least have the illusion of privacy when applying for jobs.
  • A spam filter that removes unqualified applications (like the test app I just submitted).
  • The ability to automatically filter out applicants I would be unable hire, such as someone overseas who cannot relocate to my locale.

I wish HireHive all the best. Online recruiting is a tough space to compete in!

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