Monday, August 9, 2010

Monster Killer

I don't like As a job seeker I've never found a job through As a recruiter I’ve never had success using to fill a position. I find's user interface horrendous and ineffective. Simply put, isn't worth my time and I'd never recommend it to anyone.

Why hasn't anyone killed yet? Plenty have tried, but it's not so easy. If I tried to take on head on, I'd get eaten alive. Outspending to buy market share with advertising or a sales force is prohibitively expensive for all but those with the deepest pockets. It is highly unlikely that a new technology or business process could come along that would give a Monster rival any sort of durable competitive advantage. To take on, you have to find the weak spot in their armor and exploit it.

The chink in’s armor: their site is designed for employers but not job seekers. doesn't call you to congratulate you on getting the job. They don't even know if you do or don't get the job. The majority of job seeker applications submitted to will go unanswered. doesn't help you get interviews. won't introduce you to potential employers. doesn’t know individual job seekers at all.

If you can design a job application site that prioritizes interaction with the individual job seeker and can develop a business model that allows it to make a profit on every transaction, you've got a winner and a slayer.


  1. I would have to agree with you on this. I never found a job through Monster and I absolutely hate recruiting with it. I've found myself wasting so much time and frustration on Monster since, you are right, the interface is terrible. It takes super long compare to the other sites to move page to page and retrieve info. If I have to use a job board, I will go to Hotjobs and Dice.

  2. I think you're right about the awful applicant experience on sites like But I think there's more to it, so I did what any good internet person would do. I blogged about it. :)