Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Semi-Coherent Rant #1

Instead of coming up with a perfect blog post, I decided to just type and see what came out. Enjoy!

I can't tell you the number of times I've come in 2nd in job interviews. I interview really well, but I usually lose out to someone who has a little more experience in the job I was interviewing for. In a winner take all scenario, coming in 2nd kind of blows.

Even though I've stuck with recruiting for 5 years, I've thought about getting out many times. Recruiting has beat me up more times than I care to admit. On down days, I've taken a look at different opportunities in sales, management, technology, yada yada.

Two things have kept me in recruiting. First, I've been lucky enough to not find a better opportunity. If some shiny new job had come along, I would have walked away from all of my recruiting experience and started over. In less than a year I'd have realized the grass wasn't greener on the other side and I'd be dreaming about the good ol' days as a recruiter. Second, if I'm a good recruiter and I truly have a passion for it the only way I'm walking away from recruiting now is if I can retire and Captain Recruiter can go on without me.

Now that I can look back at my path and reflect, I can see decisions I've made that have allowed me to evolve and thrive. I didn't like contingency recruiting, so I tried retained search. I'm not a huge fan of retained search, so I became a contract recruiter. Contracting for one company can be a grind and I kept recruiting myself out of a job, so I learned to be a contract recruiter for multiple clients at once. I got to the point where I had to turn business away, so I started bulding a technology infrastructure that would allow me to scale my business. I couldn't raise angel funding with traction, so I learned how to bootstrap. I couldn't afford to develop a lot of software, so I learned what was minimally functional and built that. I became too disorganized, so I decided to hire an admin. I learned the value of bullet points, and decided I just didn't care for this paragraph.

I started off heading off in a random direction wearing a blindfold, and now I'm climbing an unclimbed mountain. There's bigger unconquered mountains behind this one, and I'll climb one (or all!) of them, too.

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