Monday, July 5, 2010

Don't Rush The Interview Process

At the beginning of 2009, I wanted to answer the question, "Does a thorough interview process decrease the likelihood of a new hire quitting within the first year?" To find out, I did a little research. I made a list of all 20 people I recruited in 2008 and put them into two categories - thoroughly interviewed and interview rushed. My sorting was based on my gut reaction as to whether or not I felt the employer had paid enough attention to the new hire's interview process. I contacted each person on the list to see if they were still employed, and here were the results:
  • Of the 20 hired, 5 had been laid off, so I didn't count them.

  • Of the 8 people I felt had been thoroughly interviewed, and 7 of them were still employed, and 1 had quit.

  • For the 7 new hires who had been rushed through the interview process, only 1 was still employed. 5 of them had quit and 1 had been fired.

I was amazed to see such drastic results in such a small sample size. I wonder if anyone else has even done a study like this...

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