Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm Changing My Name To Spammy McSpammer

I guess one or more of my Facebook friends thought I had been a little bit spammy or inappropriate. I got a few emails tonight saying that all of the links back to my blog had been reported as abusive. Of course I have no idea who reported the links, or what their particular beef was.

I'm mildly annoyed by anonymous complaints, but it's hardly a big deal. Part of Captain Recruiter's mission is to put a face on all transactions. One of the things I like about putting myself out there for all to see is that it forces me to act a certain way. The staffing industry has not done a good job of engaging with their customers; their very business models are based on hoarding information and I bet they don't even know how to be open and transparent. In most cases, doing the opposite of whatever the staffing industry has traditionally done has worked well for me so far, including being open and transparent.

It'd be a waste of time to sit around and apologize to an anonymous for having offended them in some way. Still, it's nice to know that someone didn't like something I did. When you're doing everything right, there's no incentive to improve your game. A recent comment from a family member helped me notice that some of my blog posts contained some angry shit, and that was probably from me reflecting some inner frustration from that time.

Part of becoming a better writer is paying attention to how people react. I don't need to do what people tell me, I've never really been good at that anyway, but I do need to practice listening.

UPDATE: Or it could just be that there was a bug on Facebook, because all the links seem to be working again :)

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