Friday, June 18, 2010

Some Talk And Some Action

I've enjoyed writing this blog. It's fun. Lately I've been trying to figure out where to take it, which is why I haven't been posting as much lately. Like sports, sex, entertainment, politics, and any other topic of perpetual interest, I could write forever about how to find a job. Writing no longer feels like enough for me.

Most of my writing has been inspired by a bunch of things I've wanted to say for years, and also by my daily activities as a recruiter. Since I feel like I've vented a lot and writing about yet more jobs I've filled is starting to feel repetitive, what next? Simple. Do interesting shit and write about that. I think I'll start writing about interesting stuff right now...

4 weeks ago I hired a homeless person, trained her from scratch to do odd jobs, and helped her find work. My favorite part is that I made money doing it. More to come on this topic :)

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