Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boldly Drink Beer During Business Lunches

Whenever I go out for a meal with a client, I'm not afraid to order beer. If there's a rulebook somewhere that says you shouldn't do that, I haven't read it. Here's what I've learned about mixing business with pleasure...

  • Don't be the first one to get tipsy.

  • Life's too short to be too uptight, so if you want a drink, order one.

  • If someone else wants you to order first, there is a reasonable chance they're hoping you order a drink so they can do they same.

  • Drinks you sip are better than drinks you slam - order a Guiness and avoid the Irish Car Bomb.

  • Here in San Francisco, many people hit the sauce, so my advice may be really bad if you live somewhere else.

  • If there's beer in the fridge at work, drinking is acceptable at a work related function.

  • You can sneak in more than one standard drink by order one really strong/large drink.

  • Recovering alcoholics are used to others drinking, so you can drink in front of them. They want you to enjoy yourself and don't like being treated differently.

  • If you really, really need to pay attention during a meal, get the concentrating out of the way before drinking.

  • It's hard to avoid the stigma associated with drinking before noon.

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