Friday, May 14, 2010

Some Things Are Easier When They're Local

Easier: Finding a job near where you live.
Harder: Trying to get an interview from a distance.

Easier: Getting someone to pay when you show up in person.
Harder: Getting someone to pay when they can ignore your phone call.

Easier: Meeting a prospect in a room full of prospects.
Harder: Cold calling someone who is way too busy.

Easier: Not going away until they fix that paperwork error.
Harder: Spending time on hold and being transferred around.

Easier: Finding a car you'll like to drive at an auto mall.
Harder: Researching fun cars to drive on the Internet.

Easier: Writing on a whiteboard.
Harder: Describing a picture over the phone.

Right now I'm struggling with a soon-to-be-former client who doesn't want to pay me for work done. I'd feel slightly more understanding about the situation if he were suddenly about to go out of business, but he's making millions. Unless they just cave and write a check, any option I take to squeeze payment out of them is going to take an annoying combination of time and money. I'm thinking that my best option is to hop on a plane, show up at their offices, and act like a crazy muther-f@#$^% who doesn't give a damn.

If I can cry my way out of a $13,000 hospital and come away owing nothing (I can and I have), then I can deal with this. I hope you're reading this Mr. Cheapskate, because when I decide I have a little extra free time, it's no more Mr. Nice Captain Recruiter.


  1. hahaha ! Go give it to him mike ;)

  2. You might have to start researching your clients. A small number of people make a habit of stiffing people.