Monday, May 10, 2010

Scheduling Is A Breeze-ish With

Whether I work at a client's offices or remotely, interview scheduling is usually a pain. If I'm lucky, a client with Google Apps with set me up with account that grants me access to see each interviewer's calendar. Usually I'm stuck with a more anachronistic solution that doesn't allow for efficient scheduling, such as Microsoft Exchange or plain ol' email.

Recently a friend introduced me to a service call The short, short version is that allows others to see your calendar via the web; the service offers a simple to follow process that is able to access your calendar on the web or on your local machine.

I'm currently working with a client that doesn't have a dedicated person that schedules interviews across the entire company. Given that I needed to schedule a round of interviews, I asked each of the interviewers I'm working with to sync there calendars with By seeing the times each interview is available, I was quickly able to schedule a round of interviews. This is especially valuable given that I'm working remotely and can't just walk by each person's desk to follow up.

Right now I just use to look at the calendars of people, but I still create and send iCal invitations manually. No software I've found, including, is able to automatically create a list of staggered interviews (i.e. Bob @ 1 p.m., Susan @ 2 p.m., etc.) It'd also be nice if allowed me to attach a file to an appointment, in my case I'm trying to attach resumes.

I look forward to seeing what innovations comes up with in the future.


  1. Whats your link? Mines

  2. Michael,
    I discovered Tungle early on and use it in a slightly different way. I use it to offer specific times for candidates to schedule phone screenings with me. It really works well. I use an email template in my ATS to send the Tungle invites and then all my appointments are managed through Google Calendar automatically (and synced to my ATS). I get very few cancellations and a great increase in productivity.