Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ruby On Rails Internship (And Job!?) @ Scribd

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You've been programming day and night without pay because you love it. Your passion forces you to find any excuse you can find to build anything from Arduino powered UAVs to web apps on Heroku. There's a sharp mind between your ears, and you're eager to prove it.

Scribd is partnering with Blazing Cloud to hire a few up-and-coming programmers for a 12 week software development internship - this could be your big break. At the end of 12 weeks if you like Scribd and they like you, you'll get a full time job offer - this could be your bigger break. Here's some stuff you'll want to know...

About Scribd:
  • "You Tube for Documents" - Have a document? Host it on Scribd!
  • Developing cutting web applications using Ruby on Rails and HTML5.
  • Visited by over 50 million unique visitors a month.
  • Started by scrappy graduates of the famous YCombinator program - they KNOW what it means to earn a big break.

About the Blazing Cloud internship:
  • 1 week crash course w/ Sarah Allen - Ruby, Rails, Javascript, CSS, HTML.
  • 11 weeks working on real world projects at Scribd.
  • Weekly Ruby classes - 6 sessions as student, followed by 6 as teaching assistant.
  • Write 12 blog posts to brag about how much you're learning.
  • 40 hours/week @ $20/hour.
  • Located in San Francisco, CA

Required background:
  • You've mastered at least one programming language in a Unix/Linux environment.
  • You compulsively code stuff, and you can tell us all about your projects!
  • Problem solving mind - everything from framing the challenge to generating an appropriate solution.
  • We don't care about age - if you're 18 or 308 and you can "bring it", you should apply.

How to apply:
  • You don't need to send a resume (yet).
  • Step 1. Write 1 paragraph about anything you'd like us to know.
  • Step 2.Write a short summary about 3 projects you've built. Example:

    • I built a Facebook app that does X. Problem X annoyed me, so I solved it in Ruby/C/Erlang/whatever. Check out http://www.fake-u.rl/my-app-of-awesomeness.

    • I programmed a robotic helicopter to deliver beer to my significant other in the next room. Check out the attached pic!

    • My friend needed a dynamic web site, so I built and maintain the backend of said site. It has a newsletter, a blog, and doohickey that syndicates content to various forums and widgets. The URL is

  • Step 3. Shoot us an email with the stuff you wrote!


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