Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Being Hot Or Not On LinkedIn

If you're in demand, and I mean REALLY in demand, you'll know it. Until recently a friend of mine used to work at a hot startup here in San Francisco as a Javascript developer. He updated his profile on LinkedIn to showcase his most recent experience, and almost immediately his phone started ringing off the hook. Within days he'd been invited to interview with Twitter, Google, and countless tech startups.

My personal profile on LinkedIn does get me some attention, but I've never been called by Twitter or Google. I used to think that my LinkedIn profile wasn't nearly good enough, but it turns out my skill set just isn't something a ton of people look for on LinkedIn. In other words, there's a shortage of Javascript programmers and a surplus of recruiters. If you're on LinkedIn and your phone isn't ringing, don't sweat it. Just realize you'll have to find work the old fashioned way (by looking for it).

Here's a few things that have helped me get more visibility on LinkedIn in the last few months:
  • I asked people for references.
  • My profile has a link to this blog.
  • I have linked my profile to my Twitter feed.
  • I sometimes advertise positions I'm recruiting for on my profile, too.

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