Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Second Chance Via Startup Internships

I love the idea of giving people a second chance. The hardest part about switching careers isn't learning new skills, it's getting someone to believe you're capable and serious of staying the course.

I'm partnering with Blazing Cloud to place Ruby on Rails interns at startups. Working with this program has been extremely fulfilling and rewarding. There is an entire population of people studying Ruby on Rails that would love to get into Rails programming professionally, and these folks just need a little help to show they are credible.

This person I know, let's call her Jenny, is a senior in college and has been programming for 8 years. She builds small business websites in PHP, Ruby on Rails, etc. Jenny knows how to write SQL, do front end programming in Javascript, etc. The challenge Jenny faces is 3 years ago she thought majoring in business would be a cool, but looking back she wished she'd picked computer science. Jenny wants to become a great programmer, but she needs to find the right opportunity.

The Blazing Cloud internship program makes it easy to hire Jenny at the right price. In advance Jenny is screened for technical depth, ability to learn, and motivation to become a programmer. Example - "So Jenny, you say you've been working on cool & complicated stuff. Show me!" Blazing Cloud works with Jenny teaches her enough about best practices, the latest and greatest in web development, and provides her the structure and oversight to become successful and self sustaining.

Jenny wins. The company wins. Sarah Allen, the head of Blazing Cloud, satisfies her compulsive need to make the world a better place. Everyone wins (and feels good about it, too!)

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