Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Am Captain Recruiter (Until I'm John Travolta)

Below is a picture of John Travolta; perhaps you've seen this ad campaign in various magazines lately. John Travolta needs no introduction to most people; his name simultaneously means pilot, that guy from Saturday Night fever, the mobster from Pulp Fiction, etc. It's possible to reach a certain point that where small hiccups in your life don't dilute your brand.

While I had initially intended to keep Michael Pope and Captain Recruiter as separate indentities, that didn't really happen. I may hit a certain level of success where I'm the Christopher Reeves of recruiting, having done many things but always being typecast as my superhero alter ego. Maybe I can avoid that fate if I never actually put on a spandex costume, but I fully intend to strut around for at least one day dressed as Captain Recruiter :) I'm not sure what my brand will be 5 years from now, but ultimately it will be what other people decide it is, and so it's best if I carry myself in a way that I wish other people to remember me by.