Monday, April 12, 2010

How You May Get A Job With No Resume

Employers need information about you, and that doesn't always come from a resume. Here's how I've seen people get jobs in the past without a resume:

  • LinkedIn is kind of like a resume, but it isn't as formal. LinkedIn allows people to see who you are connected to professionally, review your employment history, see who has recommended you, etc. I recently recruiting a candidate with a LinkedIn profile and never saw a formal resume.

  • Referrals are a great way to get a job. I was introduced by a C-level executive to one of his board members. That board member introduced me to the CEO of a company he'd invested in; that CEO needed a recruiter. I got the job without ever showing a resume.

  • You've got a reputation. People who know of you don't need to think as hard about what you bring to the table. I've been approached by people who have heard of work that I've done, and usually that sometimes doesn't require a resume.

It's important to keep a resume handy at all times, but I think the resume will become increasingly less relevant in the future. A resume is the starting point for a conversation (aka interview), but if you're already having the conversation, how much do you really need a resume?

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