Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear You: Need A Better Word For Intern

Hello faithful readers, I need your help. Sarah Allen and I are about to start several interns to learn Ruby on Rails (like we did back in February), but we're looking for a word that's more accurate that than "intern".

Internships are temporary, but the positions we're recruiting for are temp-to-hire (they're actually contract jobs with a possibility of full time employment, but there's no guarantee). Internships can also imply junior, but we are willing to consider strong programmers who want to learn Ruby on Rails.

Any suggestions on a better word than "intern"? Leave comments below, and feel free to be creative. How about "Rough Cut Rubyist"?


  1. Trainee? It has less of a "just out of college" sound than intern.

  2. Fresh Cut Rubyist -- Experienced programmer looking to begin mining their potential as a Ruby on Rails specialist. This job may lead to a Polished Rubyist.

  3. Apprentice (one who works for an expert to learn a skill/trade).

    Tyro (one new to a field or activity).

    Otherwise, I like oep's 'Ruby in the rough.'

  4. Conditional Entry-Level Opportunities