Friday, April 16, 2010

Captain Writes A Resume - Day 1: One Page

From 4/16 to 4/22, I'm writing my own resume. It's time to stop pontificating and see if I can actually put one together myself.

I believe that a REALLY good resume is one page long. The goal of my resume is to start a conversation, not explain everything I've ever done. I'm making the assumption that hiring managers have really short attention spans, so I'm choosing to condense my experience into one page. In the spirit of brevity, I don't there's anything more to write on this particular topic!


  1. I'm glad you think a one page resume is a great conversation starter. But dang, I don't think the rest of the planet is on the same page. Pun intended.

    Seriously, companies, recruiters, HR folks, whomever seem to really be expecting you know 110% of their business and if you don't have the right jargon or latest buzzword on your resume they're gone and off to the next resume.

  2. Hey there Mr(s). Anonymous,

    In general I think you're right, but I think the goal should be one page. Also, if you really know what you want to do (and I do), any thing not related to what you want should be removed from the resume.

    * Your career in basket weaving isn't going to help you get a job in poop scooping!
    * If you want to work at a startup, showing 20 years of big company experience doesn't help.
    * I want to be in recruiting, so I leave off prior experience as a techie (although it used to make me kind of interesting when I first got into tech recruiting).

  3. Hey Michael,

    How are you doing friend?