Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Captain Writes a Resume - Day 5: Picking A Theme

From 4/16 to 4/22, I'm writing my own resume. It's time to stop pontificating and see if I can actually put one together myself.

My theme is contract recruiter. I'm good at sales, recruiting, strategy, business development, and other things, but my goal is keep future clients focused on what they are most likely to pay me to do. I don't want to work for a staffing agency, and I don't want to work as a permanent employee. I want to work temp gigs as a recruiter, so that's what my resume is going to say.


  1. Is it really important to state your objective in resume when your obvious objective is to get a job? Is it OK to be more specific on the objective in the cover letter and save up space in the resume in order to meet one page goal?



  2. Put your theme in the resume. Many hiring managers will never see the cover letter.