Saturday, March 6, 2010

You're Never Too Old To Be An Intern

Rule #1 - Resist the temptation to put fluff on your resume.
Rule #2 - If your resume doesn't have enough experience to get the job you want, go get that experience.

I'm completely fascinated by the idea of online marketing, but it's really intimidating to me. I'm afraid of pouring money down the drain by running an expensive advertising campaign, but I'm taking steps to get over that fear.

One thing I'm not afraid of is sales. All I have to do is have a product worth selling, find someone who spends money on that product, and go for it. I'll shamelessly approach anyone, and I mean anyone. So, I decided to learn about online marketing by finding a company that does it and offering to help them sell their product. I did some research and found a company near where I live in San Francisco called Retargeter.

Phase 1. About a month ago I decided that Retargeter was a cool concept, so I called 818.584.2480, the number right on their website, and approached them directly. I talked to Arjun, the CEO, scheduled a time to meet with him, and made a visit to Retargeter's office. After getting the sales pitch, I signed up for an account myself. I also called a few people I know and got 2 of them sign up, too. I created value, and that's a damn good way to get what you want.

Phase 2. I ask Arjun if he'd be interested in a sales intern, meaning myself, and offered to help him close some new business in exchange for learning everything he knows about online marketing. He likes the idea. On Monday at 5:30 p.m. I'm meeting with Arjun to go start my internship. Essentially I do my best to make it easy for him, I make him a little money (or maybe a lot of money), and in return I get a little cash and a lot of knowledge. Bam!

Don't be too proud to be an intern at any age; internships aren't just for college students. I'm 35. To learn about online marketing, I could sit around wasting my own money on marketing campaigns I don't understand, read about the subject, or I could go get me some damn real experience by spending time around people that actually do it. I choose the latter.

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  1. Very interesting read. I found your site on a Craigslist posting and now, 3 hours later, I am still on your site reading your posts!

    I'm fresh on the job hunt myself. I'm a 26 year old programmer who just wants to find a solid place to learn and grow into. I told my girlfriend the other day that I wouldn't mind settling for an internship of some kind as long as I could make up for the probable loss in compensation for pure knowledge and experience. In my opinion that's a much better investment than a slightly higher salary.