Thursday, March 18, 2010

You Know What's Awesome?

Having a blog with an audience is awesome. I frikkin' love it. You know what else is awesome? Having people bug me about not updating the blog. I love people who pester me about updating this blog, it means I'm doing something people care about. People who don't say a damn thing don't care at all!

There's a post I've been trying to write the last couple of days about how to tell your story when you career is in the crapper. Most people don't like to hear whining and complaining, but almost everyone loves a good story. I think I'm going to make this post super long, but it's going to take some time to get it write, er, right. Stay tuned for something a little more substantial this weekend...


  1. i smell and care every frikkin' thing you write here mike. :-)

    Just can't wait to hear the story !

  2. Quit whining about your lack of ability to express yourself within a reasonable period of time.

    Just say "NO" to that mental block Mr Pope.

  3. Mr. Pope,

    I am looking to start a career as a recruiter. I currently have worked in the work comp field for over 10 years. In this capacity I did was is called Job Placement. It is in effect placing injured workers who are now ready to return to work back in to the work force. My question is do you have any suggestions on specific skills to learn, books to read etc. that will assist in my transition from my current position into a recruiting career?