Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Time For Human Resources 2

Remember Terminator 2? Arnie was the Terminator who wasn't allowed to terminate. I have no problem with the concept of firing a person who deserves it, but I'm a little annoyed by the idea of firing someone and calling it termination.

I propose a ban on the use of the word termination in human resources lingo. If I really had my way, firing would go like this...
    Step 1 - "If you don't stop being a jackass, I'm going to fire you."
    Step 2 - "Hey jackass, you're fired."

Seriously though, I think it's really weird to use language that can synonymously be used with killing. Instead of calling termination, HR should have fun with it. From now on a single employee getting the boot will is being shitcanned, ejected, tossed, uni-riffed, post notified, sacked, forced out, banished, made redundant, or transferred to a nonexistent department.

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