Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear CR: I'd Like To Be A Recruiter


I am looking to start a career as a recruiter. I currently have worked in the work comp field for over 10 years. In this capacity I did was is called Job Placement. It is in effect placing injured workers who are now ready to return to work back in to the work force. My question is do you have any suggestions on specific skills to learn, books to read etc. that will assist in my transition from my current position into a recruiting career?




What I need you to do is refine what you mean by being a recruiter. Unfortunately there's no textbook definition of what a recruiting is. If your job title was "bowling alley attendant", I'd have a pretty good guess what you do. If you call yourself a recruiter, you could be doing any of the following activities:

  • Working at a staffing agency in sales.

  • Working at a staffing agency in sourcing.

  • Filling jobs as an HR employee within a company.

  • Filling jobs as an independent contractor.

  • Working for the military to recruit soldiers.

  • Recruiting students to join a school.

  • Filling the ranks of a sports team.

Think of the word recruiter like the work actor. An actor can be a model, in movies, a leading man/woman, a voice actor...


P.S. Shoot me an email with what you really meant and I'll answer your more specific question with a more useful answer.

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