Monday, March 1, 2010

Becoming An Entrepreneur

The word "entrepreneur" has been diluted a little bit, but to most people I think an entrepreneur is someone who starts a business. Starting a business requires nothing more than a commitment to do so. Being successful in business mostly requires developing a spine, selling something people will buy, and (most importantly) figuring out why your customers come to you.

This is becoming a simple example of entrepreneurship - find some thirsty people, whip up some lemonade, grab some cups and a pitcher, put up a sign that says "Fresh Squeezed Lemonade - $2", and you're in business.

Becoming an entrepreneur isn't about being born with the right stuff, it's about learning how to earn more than you spend. Sell lemonade at $2 per cup, make it for 50 cent per cup, and you've a business. Growing that same lemonade business (or even staying successful) is harder, because you have to have figure out why your location works, how to reduce the cost of your ingredients, how to hire reliable people, etc.

If you want to go become an entrepreneur, become comfortable with failure, work hard, don't be too proud to accept help, return your emails and phone calls, realize some good and bad luck will come your way, be nice to people, and sell something worth buying to people who need it.

Here's an article by Vivek Wadwha called Can Entrepreneurs Be Made? It's worth a read.

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