Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ada Lovelace Day Smackdown: Amy Vs. Michelle

In case you didn't know, today is Ada Lovelace day. Ada was the world's first computer programmer. She was so damn good, she didn't even need a computer. That Charles Babbage dude had given her the designs for his difference doodad, but he never actually built the thing. Apparently she got tired of waiting for him to get his act together and just wrote a program for his machine anyway. I guess you could say Ada wrote the first computer program for the first virtual machine, too. I bet the program did a fancy calculation and then spat out the message, "It's about time Babbage."

So March 24 is Ada Lovelace day, and the purpose of this day is to give mad props to a woman in technology. So I'm nominating two women programmers for an Ada-Lovelace-ian accolade, Michelle Lupei and Amy Lee.

Michelle Lupei was the first woman EVER to join Blazing Cloud as a programming intern. In the last 5 months, Michelle has learned Ruby, Rails, test driven development (TDD), behavior driven development (BDD), and become an uber competent developer. If she keeps learning at this pace, pretty soon she'll be teaching the stuff. Oh wait, she IS teaching this stuff. If you ever want to learn how to turbocharge your programming career, talk to Michelle and maybe she give you a couple o' tips. (Hey, Michelle, update your LinkedIn profile so this link looks more impressive)

Amy Lee is top notch software engineer. Back in the day she use to work on boring networking applications at Cisco. Eventually she got tired of working for the man and said, "Am I gonna code on routers the rest of my life? Oh hellz no!" Amy threw off the shackles of corporate America and started seeking fame and fortune at various startups. Her current labor of love is Sequence Mediaworks where she builds bad ass websites. If you are in the mood for some pain, challenge Amy to a Ruby coding battle to the death; she'll read the eulogy at your funeral and then bury you (right next to Perl).

So who wins the Ada Lovelace honorary mention? It's a tie, mostly because I'm too awestruck by these righteous women to make up my mind.

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