Thursday, February 25, 2010

Resume Black Holes

CAPTAIN RECRUITER: "Hey me, what's the #1 most annoying thing about job hunting?"

CAPTAIN RECRUITER: "Never receiving a response to a job application I submit."

It turns out is you ask me, and I have, not hearing back on applications sucks. I've written about this before. It's not a shocker these days that the chances of you hearing back on a job are damn low. However, one thing that sucks more that a real job is a fake job - a resume black hole.

Employers will commonly post a job to collect applications for a job that doesn't exist. They're fishing for a super applicant to walk in the front door for a job that may or may not open up in the future. Personally, I find this behavior kind of obnoxious, but sometimes I have to do it. I suppose I don't HAVE to do it, but I choose to mildly annoy a lot of people over sticking my neck out over something that's ultimately not my decision to make.

A fake jobs post feels lazy, they waste a lot of people's time, create false hope, and dilutes an employer's brand just a little bit. Anonymous fake job posts are even worse. I hereby declare resume black holes the bane of all job seekers, and I hereby offer a $0 reward (not a typo, I'm just cheap) for anyone who successfully eliminates one.

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