Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting Your First Job: "I Need A Good Resume" (Part 2 of 7)

At the request of one of my loyal fans, I'm spending this week tackling the subject of how to get your first job.

You don't need a good resume, you need a good brand. I'm going to talk about myself in this post because I think my story is highly relevant here.

At the beginning of 2009 I had no brand; I had a resume that said I'm a good recruiter, but it didn't show I LOVE recruiting. In 2009 the economy that didn't need recruiters, and I got absolutely and utterly crushed. I lost all of my savings, my apartment, my car, and pretty much everything I own. I had less than nothing. By October of 2009 I was sleeping on the floor of a person I barely knew and I was eating at a soup kitchen.

In late August as my life as I knew it was filling apart, I decided to vent my frustration by starting this blog. Being a great recruiter with no business felt pretty pathetic, so I decided I could at least show the world that I've got something interesting to say. For each blog post, I would post an update to my Twitter account and Facebook page linking back to the blog articles I wrote. Something interesting happened. In September people started asking me questions like I was some sort of expert. In October people started giving me small amounts of business because they liked what I wrote. In November I got a REALLY good contract because the HR Manager who interviewed me liked my blog. Now February I've got more business that I know what to do with and I'm working my ass off trying to keep up.

Look past your resume. Figure out how to show someone you LOVE something. You can't say you love anything and have that matter, you have to show them. Find the people who need what you love, show them you love it, and I'm pretty sure good things will start to happen for you.

I tried being Michael Pope and looking for work - and that didn't go so well. Now I'm Michael "Captain Recruiter" Pope, people see I love recruiting, and I'm kicking major frikkin' ass. And you know what? The last two clients didn't even ask me for my resume.


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