Monday, February 22, 2010

Dear CR: One Skill / Many Jobs


What if you have done multiple jobs but they use the same skill set? Employers seem to want to see 1 skill only. This seems backwards since we all change jobs every 1-3 years. My job titles have been recruiter, channel development, and interactive/digital producer. I carry the message, and get people to show up. My resume is very entrepreneurial, and I have been in small companies and startups. Cheers!




You don't need to put your official title on your resume. I used to work for a company called Transmeta, and my job title was something like "Test Associate", but on my resume I called is "QA Engineer". It wasn't cheating, because I was a QA Engineer. I see nothing wrong with tweaking the message in a way that's appropriate. Anyone who disagrees with you has no vested interest in you getting a job, so simply ignore them, unless perhaps that feedback is coming from a company you applied to.

Step 1. Come up with a theme for your experience.
    I'm good at marketing.

Step 2. Find a bucket, fill it full of your new theme, and dip each job title in there. Be creative. You don't even need to give yourself a title - just explain what you did. Be accurate about duties you had, not some arbitrary title a company gave you.
    Recruiter becomes Marketing - Jobs and Staffing Services
    Channel Development becomes Marketing - Channel Partners
    Interactive/Digital Producer becomes Marketing - Interactive Events

Of course you need to come up with titles that actually work for you, I'm just making this stuff up based on what you told me, but you get the idea.

NOTE: For employment verification on a job application, use your real title.


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