Monday, January 11, 2010

NEEDED: CIO for $300M Service Business

On Friday, I met the CEO of a European company at the Crunchies. We hit it off and he let me know he's hiring a CIO to build his company's web platform. We met for breakfast on Saturday to discuss the role, agreed that it makes sense for me to do the search, and I signed the contract today. Let's get straight to it...

(or introduce me to someone - $10,000 referral bonus if person is hired)

Needed: Chief Information Officer with Product Background

Location: TBD - Opening an office between San Francisco and San Jose
Compensation: $300K +/- negotiations, significant equity and benefits

    About you:
  • You've been the head of a technology product for a web company with a quantifiable success story.
  • The only experience we require is prior success. You tell us about you, we google you, and say, "Wow!"
  • Mandatory - you're not a jerk.
  • Motivation wise, you've got to have the fire in you to take a company public in 3-4 years.

    About us:
  • European services company dominating our niche in German speaking countries looking to spread globally.
  • We started from scratch in 2002 with no outside investment and now do over $300 million in revenue. Pretty cool, huh!?
  • We are very hungry team of NICE people. At least we think we're nice, you should be the judge.

    About the role:
  • You will own our web initiative worldwide - strategy, product development, internationalization.
  • If you know Scrum, as the "Product Owner", you will be our company's 800 pound gorilla for all things web.
  • You talk with the stakeholders, hire the "Team", and build the sucker. Our 1.0-ish (and highly successful) platform is already up, so you just need to run with it!
  • NOTE: Frequent travel to Europe required. Our HQ is in Switzerland.

(or introduce me to someone - $10,000 referral bonus if person is hired)

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