Friday, December 4, 2009

A Simple Sourcing Technique Using Google

Sourcing is the process of finding Job Seekers. Since many Job Seekers have their resumes online, Google can be a great tool for finding that talent. Below is a simple search I use sometimes to find people in the Bay Area. I could make it fancier, but it's good for just trying something

skill1 skill2 skill3 (inurl:resume OR inurl:cv) (94000..95999 OR 408 OR 415 OR 510 OR 650 OR 925)

skill 1,2,3 => the words I'd like to find on a resume
example: chef french "cordon bleu"

(inurl:resume OR inurl:cv OR inurl:vitae) => finds URL with one of these words in it

(94000..95999 OR 408 OR 415 OR 510 OR 650 OR 925):
94000..95999 are zip codes in and around the Bay Area, and the other numbers are Bay Area phone number area codes. I'm trying to find people who their address or phone number on their resume.


  1. yes this is true thing if u want to service there designation u can find at google

  2. I appriciate with your view that u find every thing in google finder.