Monday, November 23, 2009

I've A Level 3 Job Seeker!

My theory is that there's three levels of experience on a resume...

Level 3. You've got experience that sells itself. You don't need to brag because the results do it for you. Even George W. can put on his resume "President Of The United States (Twice)". Love him or hate him, that's pretty damn impressive. A few years ago I realized I didn't have much Level 3 experience on my resume. I had accomplishments, sure, but no one was REALLY knocking down my door to hire me, and you can bet your ass I'm working on getting some Level 3 experience right now. Level 3 experience is relative to your peers, people your age, and people in your field who know just how impressive you are. Here's a few examples I can think would qualify as Level 3...
  • I'm an astronaut. I walked on the moon.

  • Top salesperson out of 25 people for 48 consecutive months.

  • My website has 1 million monthly readers.

  • I built a company from the ground up. I sold it 4 years later for $7 million.

Level 2. I think most working professionals are here. Your resume reads well to the right person, but your power comes more from your relationships than your accomplishments. It takes you a little while to find a job when you're between jobs, but you'll find once eventually. Even people who work at hot companies are Level 2 people, mostly because they spend most of their time making someone else look good. At this stage, I consider myself Level 2. Level 2 people say things like...
  • I sell stuff, and I usually exceed my quota by 200%.

  • My computer program can think by itself. I built in on time and under budget.

  • I've been promoted 4 times in 7 years.

  • People trust me with their money. I've been a cashier for 3 years.

Level 1 people are easy to spot. They are the entry level workers, people making drastic career changes (think "I'm 55 years old and I've decided to go from medicine to being a translator for a language I don't speak!"), and anyone generally hoping to learn on the job. Level 1 people pretty much need to smile, put on a suit, and hope they get lucky enough to stand out in a crowd. You don't want to be in Level 1. It's hard. Very hard. Get experience however you can get it and hop up to Level 2 where you've got a fighting chance.

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