Monday, October 19, 2009

Software Development Intern, Start Date - Nov 1, 2009


Job Title: Software Development Intern, Start Date - Nov 1, 2009
Location: San Francisco, CA 94102
Length: 40 hours/week, 3 month contract
Compensation: $20/hour

Sarah Allen, a serial software innovator and compulsive teacher, is looking for a software development intern. She's got a lot of work on her plate and needs a talented protege! If you've got a solid foundation in computer science and have been looking for an opportunity to apply yourself in a seriously challenging role, read on...

The first two weeks you will be in hardcore learning mode. You'll be pair programming extensively with Sarah and her team to learn Ruby on Rails, test driven development (TDD), behavior driven development (BDD), and (perhaps most importantly) how to work on a working team building real world products.

After week two, Sarah puts you to work. Much of your time spent coding for Mightyverse, the world's largest living language database, where Sarah is the CTO. She is also a consultant and will have you work on other projects as well, including mobile apps and other web applications.

* Bright, interested in learning
* Must know at least one programming language well
* Good communication skills (written and verbal)

* Fluency in another human language (e.g. Japanese, Korean, Chinese)

Technology you are likely work with:
* Ruby, Ruby on Rails
* HTML, CSS, Javascript
* SQL: MySql, PostgreSQL
* RSpec, Cucumber
* Unicode
* Linux

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