Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Follow Up Is Your Friend

Most of the people who have told me they would send me an email don't actually send that email. I tell people I'll contact them and then forget if I don't write it down. Stand out by following up, which is easy and usually free.

I went to a couple of networking events tonight, I got a lot of business cards and I gave out quite a few, too. By emailing everyone that I met, I stand out more than the people who don't email. This is also important because it's allows me to make two impressions with every single person, once in person and once via email. That's a good deal.

I do my best to keep in touch with Job Seekers, but I tell every single one of them that if I forget to call or email, it is their responsibility to follow up with me. A Job Seeker following up with me tells me a lot. It shows that they are available for work, interested in my job, that they pay attention to detail, and they are willing to help me help them. These are all EXCELLENT traits to have.

Out of all of the qualified Job Seekers that contact me, the ones that work the hardest to stay on my radar are the ones that are most likely to get first consideration. A Internet marketing consultant I've placed in the past sends me an email every now and then to let me know when she is available for work. And guess what?! When ever an Internet marketing role pops up on my radar, she's the first person I call.

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