Thursday, October 8, 2009

Effective Networking Starts With Me - Part 2

Had a good night tonight. I organized an event, mentioned in "Effective Networking Starts With Me", and it went really well. Scott Chacon gave a really good talk and the many of the attendees came up and personally thanked me.

The biggest thing I learned from this event is that quality sells itself. Scott is a really good speaker, but the details turned out differently than I had planned. I'd asked for volunteers (but they didn't have much to do), I'd thought this would be a hands on event (it wasn't), and it was supposed to be for newbies (I barely understood what Scott was even talking about!) However, the crowd that showed up benefited from listening to a good speaker, and that was enough. The details about what was planned being different from what we got didn't matter too much, and I really think that's because Scott did a phenomenal job of informing people about the topic they were interested in.

Organizing this event has put me on the radar of a lot of interesting people, which was part of the point of this little exercise. Maybe I'll even start doing some business with some of them :) For now, learning is good and I'm developing a strong personal brand.

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