Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Economy Is Picking Up (I Think)

As a recruiter, I get asked a lot about the economy. People tell me how much money they are (or aren't) spending, making, or earning. While I'm not an economist, I hear a lot of employment gossip and see the job market from a lot of different angles.

So, now that I'm a self-declared "expert" on the employment market, I can tell you that my clients are spending more money. They are getting more business, and they are more likely to hire than fire. People have stopped asking me if the economy is bad, and on any given day I usually get hints that people are generally more optimistic than pessimistic.

    A few thoughts on stuff...

  • Are there a lot of people out of work? Yes.

  • Are people making as much money this year as last year? No.

  • Do I think there is an opportunity under some rock if you look for it? Yes.

  • Is now a good time to go to school instead of look for a job? Yes (but try and land a part time job, too.)

  • Is this a good time for a vacation? Not unless you have a lot of money in savings.

  • Does Suze Orman know what she's talking about? She's opinionated, but yes.

  • What's the best movie of 2009? District 9, and Star Trek is a close second place.

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