Sunday, September 27, 2009

Working Harder To Get The Word Out

I'm trying to better define my services with the two posts I wrote earlier today (I Recruit For Tech Companies and Captain Recruiter Writes Resumes - $250). To be honest, the effort seems a little amateurish, but it's just a first attempt and I've got much more experience being a recruiter than being a marketer. Still, I need to start somewhere.

A pattern that keeps emerging over and over again is that making improvements is a hard thing to do if you don't know what to improve. One thing I could have been better at over the last couple of years is actively promoting myself. In 2008 I made more money than I've ever made in a year before, but most of that business was on referral. 2009 has been okay, but I've been relying too much on traditional methods of getting business - referrals and applying directly for recruiting opportunities. With demand down for staffing services this year, business has been understandably slow.

I kicked off an active campaign to get the word out. It involves a lot of research, cold calling, lead generation, my first attempt at email marketing, and shameless self promotion. Captain Recruiter never went away, but now he's doing a lot more to get noticed!

On a side note, can I say my business has 4 people: Me, Myself, I, and Captain Recruiter?

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