Monday, September 21, 2009

Response To "Why Your Resume Gets Tossed"

I'm starting to realize why many people don't like recruiters (it's because most recruiters are tossers!) Yahoo's front page had an article called "Why Your Resume Gets Tossed". The article talks about how recruiters at big, established companies do things. My takeaway from reading this was that many recruiters are petty and are looking for any reason under the sun to toss a resume.

Here's how I hire people... look for a winner. No one could write a resume to exactly match my taste for filtering good applications from bad ones. Instead of being a jerk and kicking a good candidate to the curb, I do this...

ME: "Hey there Mr./Ms. Job Seeker. You're experience rocks, but your resume needs a little work. If you're serious about applying here, I need you to make these small adjustments in the next 24 hours. That'll give you the best shot at getting an interview."

JOB SEEKER: "Thanks Captain Recruiter. It's nice to meet a recruiter who gives a shit!"

The article did make one point I really agree with, and that's the content of your resume should be the focus. If you are a bad ass something, an effective resume will scream "I'M A BAD ASS SOMETHING".

Also, informality is just fine for most small companies. Often times you're applying to a job where there is no recruiter involved at all. The hiring manager is just a regular working stiff with too much work to do and not enough mental energy to be formal.

Companies spend from thousands to billions to develop powerful brands and strong public images, yet their hiring practices usually stink. There's no better way to punch your company's reputation in the face than to mistreat or ignore highly qualified job seekers who apply to your company.

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