Thursday, September 10, 2009

Making The Boss Rich Is Good Job Security

Making your boss rich is good job security. Scratch that, it's great job security! One of the reasons workers get laid off in a tough economy is that employers have an excuse to trim the fat. Getting laid off double stinks because many employers think that laid off workers aren't as good as the people who got to keep their jobs.

Let's play small business, preferably something other than a doctor's office. Playing doctor means something else. I'm the boss and I have two employees, Macon Mii Ricthie and Notta Dat Brighta. I like Macon and Notta, but Macon is a more profitable employee and I have to let someone go. Notta gets the boot.

Going to work is about making money, not about anything that's cool about where you work. If you're not earning a lot of money for the boss, watch your back.

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  1. How about start a union so you don't have to be so paranoid? Take some control over your life!