Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How I Got My First Job Out Of College

This is a lesson in how being unconventional and full of heart can work.

Halfway through college I decided I wanted to be a consultant, mainly because it sounded like a cool job. For a naive college kid, consulting sounded like getting paid to think and tell people what to do. I'll take me some of that!

I applied online to every consulting company I could think of, from Accenture to IBM to [insert the name of every other consulting company you've ever heard of here]. No replies. Not one. Damn you Internet Job Hunting and your not-getting-back-to-me-ness.

Then I caught a lucky break. Some little software consulting company from Illinois decided to interview people from my school. Sweet! I interviewed, first with their talent scout, and then with one of their managers. I was so excited about finally having a shot. It was awesome! Except for the fact that I didn't get the job. Stupid consulting company.

Then I decided not to take no for an answer. I hopped online, tracked down the company's CEO, and sent him an email saying that they made a huge mistake by turning me down and that they'd be crazy to ignore me.

About a week went by and then my phone rang. It was the consulting company's CEO. He said he liked my spirit, offered me the job, and invited me out to Chicago to start with their new training class. The only catch was that I only had 36 hours to make it to Chicago or I'd miss my chance.

Final exams for the semester were still 2 weeks away, but I convinced all of my professors to let me take my exams early, packed up everything I could fit into a suitcase, and hopped on a plane.

I got the call on Sunday night. I took all of my exams on Monday, caught a red eye flight on Monday night, and went straight from the airport to my new job on Tuesday morning.

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