Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dear CR: My Boss Is Nuts!


My boss is nuts! She is very successful, energetic, and charming on the surface - the main reasons I chose to work with her - but it turns out all of her success comes at the expense of her employees. She talks like a sailor, drinks like a fish, and flirts with all of the men in the office. She is a sales goddess, but her quasi-faithful workers are the ones getting it done. Help!




Keep your head down, get your work done, and find a constructive outlet for all of your frustration. You can't change your boss, so don't even try. In the end you'll lose that battle.

In the short term, feel free to learn all you can. Just because your boss is a tool doesn't mean you have to squander you opportunity to pick up a thing or two. Figure out what your what your boss does well, because she probably knows a lot of shiznit. Long term, quietly and subtlety look for a new job.

Whatever you do keep your cool and don't lash out. If your boss is spiteful, she can create a serious damage to professional reputation.


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