Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cover Letter Coma

The traditional cover letter is dead, or at least it's in a coma and on one of those life support machine thingies. I don't think most people read cover letters anymore. I'll read custom responses and ignore the generic ones. At work, how many emails do you get in a day? Take that number and multiply it buy 100, and that's how many emails a busy recruiter can get. So if you get 100 emails per day, I get, like, um, a bajillion.

Seriously though, nobody has time to read 100s of letters, but any employer/recruiter can spend 30 seconds to read a short blurb. Keep your cover letter short and sweet. Here's one I used recently to get an interview...


You need a sales person with staffing experience to generate new
accounts and close business. That's what I do. Call me :)


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