Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Charging Job Seekers For Access to Employment Opportunities? Hmm...

Charging people for access to jobs seems really shady to me. I know that certain people will pay money for anything, but some things just don't feel right.

Here are some sites that are real winners, and by winners I mean wieners:

  • The Ladders - I'm sure people have gotten jobs through the site, but I've never met anyone who has. Having joined the site myself a couple of times to apply for a specific position, I can tell you that the quality control is low. I never heard back from the employers, and I'm pretty sure this would be the same experience most job seekers have.

  • - If you showed up at a job interview and they tried to charge you $10 for the experience, that would be dumb. If you spent $10 to find out you wouldn't be interviewed, that is just plain stupid. The localbacon guys supposedly asked people if they would pay to apply to jobs and got some people to say yes. They should have asked if people like to pay for applying to jobs.

  • Hound - This site spams people. It's a waste of time, money, and I feel dirty for even linking to it. Hey Harrison Barnes... Suck It!

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