Monday, September 14, 2009

Be The Sandwich Guy, Not The Salt & Pepper Guy

With a gurgling stomach, I ran out for lunch to a sandwich shop. There were five worker bees all lined up behind a counter, all them looked eager to whip out a roasted chicken breast on Italian bread in record time.

Now I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about how a sandwich gets made, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't take 5 people. Sure, they were working on an assembly line, but I don't think they quite hit the mark. Here's what they said to me. I think it's funnier if I leave out my responses...

  • Bread Guy:
    "What kind of sandwich would you like?"
    "What kind of bread would you like?"

  • Meat/Cheese Guy:
    "Would you like your sandwich toasted?"
    (I wasn't offered cheese.)

  • Toppings Guy:
    "What toppings would you like?"

  • Salt/Pepper Guy:
    "What kind of meat did you ask for?"
    "Would you like it toasted?"

  • Cash Register Girl:
    "Credit or debit?"
    "Thank you, come again!"
    "Would you like a drink?"

When you have to start a sandwich and see it through to completion, you're brain has to work at least a little bit. When you sling lettuce for a living and that's all you do, it doesn't push you at all.

A good way to improve your future income is to be a rock star at something. Imagine what would happen to the 5 sandwich workers if 2 people could do they same job just as well. The owner of the sandwich place could probably double the salary the position pays and hire a couple of rock stars. The owner would pay out less, the employees would make more, and 5 people would be on the street with a resume that said "I can put lettuce on your sandwich in an assembly line". Wouldn't you rather have a resume that says "Sandwich Rock Star"?

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