Friday, September 11, 2009

Attitude And Personality Trump Knowledge And Skill

Balls. Guts. Determination. Moxie. Gusto. Drive. I think you'll find these traits among top performers of any business that dominates it's field. I could rattle off words from a thesaurus all day long, but the point is people with moxie display their inner spunk without ever saying a word.

Getting a job is always about personality more than skill. Do you want to work with a jerk? Nope. Want to work with a person who gets you excited? Yup.

Oracle has a reputation for hiring the best sales force in the world, or at least the best database sales force in the world (Oracle is by far the world's largest database company). It also has a reputation for salespeople who don't know a darn thing about what a database is or how it works. However, an Oracle salesperson can light you on fire with a smile and sheer determination from 300 yards away in the dark.

Attitude works. There's a part of me that is a complete wussy and part of me is a home run hitter that carries a big stick. The wussy in me is afraid to hurt someone's feelings and the slugger swings for the fences with every attempt. When I feel my inner wussy starting to emerge, I have to call in the slugger and beat the wussy into submission.

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